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Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling can play a key role in making business decisions provided the models are based on valid assumptions and associated risks are properly evaluated. We build and maintain dynamic financial models to support your key investments, finances or other strategic decisions

Peer Review and Audit Support

We offer comprehensive review of third-party appraiser analysis to support audit and tax firms and provide a memo that communicates our findings. The specific procedures to our review process include Review the report and analysis, Assessment of Valuation Methodology and Assumptions, Mathematical Accuracy of Valuation Calculations and Sensitivity Testing & Conclusion Memo

Due Diligence / Quality of Earnings (QoE) Analysis

We often work with PE investors and other CPA firms assisting them in carrying out the Quality of Earnings analysis of the target investee company as part of larger due diligence engagement to add insights over the asset and the earnings quality as well as the potential liabilities that is not reported over the balance-sheet or losses that may occur due to past deeds.

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