Valuation Services


Valuation Services

Business Valuation

Companies seek business valuations for managing various standards and compliances such as regulatory compliance, corporate governance, for management reviews, for mergers and acquisitions, resolving a shareholder dispute, or JV dispute, seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value, etc.

Business Valuation may also be required for other purposes such as Impairment Assessment for Financial Reporting (Ind AS, IFRS or US GAAP), investment or disinvestment decisions, financial reporting, tax or regulatory purposes.

Our approach deploys various valuation methodologies, depending upon the industry and business dynamics, and its value drivers to offer valuation services to our clients.

Valuation of Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property

We have a diverse and deep experience of valuing various classes of intangible assets and IP across multiple industry verticals

Our valuation assignments have spanned across various intangible assets including patents and trademarks, licensing and royalty agreements, internet domain names, service or supply agreements, lease agreements, franchise agreements, employment contracts, databases and softwares, non-contractual relationships, etc.

In today's dynamic business landscape, intellectual property (IP) stands as a cornerstone of competitive advantage. As industries evolve and innovation becomes paramount, IP valuation services emerge as a critical necessity. ValAdvisor recognizes this increasing importance and prides itself on deploying cutting-edge models and simulation techniques. Our adept experts harness sophisticated methodologies to meticulously evaluate IP assets, ensuring precision and reliability in determining their fair value. By leveraging advanced analytics and market insights, we empower businesses to make informed decisions, safeguard their intellectual capital, and unlock new avenues of growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

Purchase Price Allocations for Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide technical expertise to solve complex issues relating to mergers and acquisitions. All intangible assets that have been identified are required to be valued and analyzed. In compliance with Ind AS, IFRS and US GAAP, an acquirer needs to report the specific types and associated fair values of the acquired tangible (monetary and non-monetary) and intangible assets. These fair values are included on the opening post-acquisition balance sheet and are periodically adjusted to reflect depreciation and amortization charges, which reduce the carrying value of the associated asset (carrying value is calculated as the difference between original fair value, less cumulative depreciation and amortization charges).

Intangible assets that are not amortized, such as goodwill, must be tested for impairment on at least an annual basis. We utilize commonly accepted valuation methodologies to derive supportable valuations for assets identified in connect with a purchase price allocation. We engage the audit team early in the process to better facilitate the review process and reduce the time and burden on management. Our work is respected by the Big Four and regional accounting firms

Determination of Swap ratio for Mergers and Demergers

Mergers and demergers are becoming a morethan ever important business decision nowadays to drive growth. ValAdvisor is a Registered ValuerEntity and has adequate experience in evaluating such transactions, determining its fair valueand providing correct advice keeping the compliances and reporting standard in mind

Valuation of Startups / Portfolios for VC and PE Firms

Startups in India are launching very unique and differentiated ideas and this boom is leading to testing and establishment of unique business models by disrupting traditional ones. Valuation of such unconventional business models require a differentiated approach due to lack of comparables and ever changing market scenarios

Valuation of business model is an integral part in their entire fund raising journey, and we at ValAdvisor provide end-to-end valuation services directly to Startups as well as Investor entities

Valuation of ESOP’s and Sweat Equity

Valuation of equity based awards is required for financial reporting as well as tax and compliance reporting. Valuation approach and methodology in such cases requires complex models as it depends on various parameters and considerations

We are a sector agnostic Registered ValuerEntity and have been valuing equity based awardsfor our clients as per the complexity of their equity structure and in compliance withIFRS 2, FASB ASC Topic 718 or other region specific reporting requirements

Valuation of Financial Securities, Instruments & Derivatives

We provide complete valuation and advisory services of different financial instruments for various regulatory and reporting purposes. Our services include valuation of instruments such as debt & equity instruments as well as derivatives & embedded derivatives.

Valuation for Compliance and Regulatory purposes

We provide sector agnostic end-to-end valuation services to private and public companies in compliance with various regulations including Companies Act, Income Tax Act, Transfer Pricing, FEMA, Company Law Matters, SEBI and other regulations

Valuation under Insolvency & Bankruptcy code

ValAdvisor is a Registered Valuer Entity for all types of tangible and intangible asset classes. We have successfully delivered multiple valuation assignments, facilitating our clients to make informed decisions under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)

Valuation of Industrial Assets and Plant & Machinery

Valuation of Plant, Machinery & Equipment’s takes into account various factors such as their operational utility, whether it is being valued as part of an operational unit or an individual item, whether it is being considered in situ (in place) or for removal, the type of business unit using it and so on

All of these aspects and parameters are taken into consideration in our valuation approach of the concerned asset(s)

Valuation of industrial assets may be required in various use cases such as mergers and acquisitions, disinvestments, financial reporting, fund raising, strategic decision making, etc.

Valuation of REITs & INVITs

ValAdvisor is a Registered Valuer Entity and in compliance with all SEBI Regulations, for valuation of the underlying assets of REITs &InvITs. Valuation of REITs / INVITs is mandated in various cases such as at quarterly and annual intervals, prior to issue of units, prior to sale of purchase of real estate, etc.

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Valuation Services FAQ's

How to calculate company valuation?

To determine a company's valuation, one needs to assess its financial health, growth potential, and market position. Factor in revenue, earnings, and industry comparables. Consider tangible and intangible assets, such as intellectual property and brand strength. Depending upon the data availability and your analysis, deploy valuation methods like discounted cash flow (DCF) and comparable company analysis (CCA). ValAdvisor’s valuation services warrant a comprehensive assessment, ensuring accuracy and insight into the company's intrinsic value.

When is it necessary to ascertain the valuation of goodwill?

Valuation of goodwill becomes crucial while assessing the worth of a company or business, especially during business combinations or financial reporting. Several factors, including customer relationships, competitive position, market conditions, etc., are of significance for goodwill valuation. Trust our expert valuation services to navigate the complexities and provide precise assessments tailored to your business needs

What methods are used for the valuation of startups?

Startup valuation is a tricky process due to limited historical data and a lack of comparable companies. The stage of the startup lifecycle is crucial in evaluating the valuation method and the parameters to be considered. Factors such as market potential, competitive landscape, path to profitability, and the expertise of the founding team play crucial roles. Our adept valuation experts meticulously analyze these aspects to provide accurate and insightful assessments, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions in the dynamic startup landscape.