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Customer Retention & Acquisition

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Customer Retention

Smart Marketing through customer retention has proven to generate much more profitable business vis-à-vis customer acquisition. We act as an extended arm of your marketing / analytics teams and support them with contemporary campaigns and ideas to enhance customer retention rate. Entire spectrum of services include Business and Competition data analytics, ideation, developing robust customer segments and cohorts, preparing detailed campaign plans, assisting in creative and copy formulation, followed by seamless execution and impact analysis. Campaigns planned are of different nature ranging from Go-to-Market campaigns aligned with your marketing calendar to customer lifecycle campaigns. These smart campaigns are designed to deliver higher conversion & in-year repeats and incremental sales. Positive ROI is our firm belief as we understand the importance of every penny our clients spend.

A Valuation Advisory Company -ValAdvisor

New Customer Acquisition

Every business is always on lookout for acquiring new customers and hence, we believe in tapping various sources in this endeavor. Some of these sources include your competitors, catchments, social media, various telecom operators and aggregators. Our aim is always to generate positive return out of each source and hence, critically analyzing and activating these sources is imperative for successfully acquiring new customers.

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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is the most preferred messenger app globally. Statistics reveal, 500+ million active userssend 65 billion messages daily through this channel. Such humongous number is making WhatsApp the most preferred communication channel for brands across industries. Some of the key aspects which differentiate this channel from others include high reach and engagement, easy and verified brand recognition, interactive rich media-based communications, scheduled as well as event-triggered communications.

We can be your end-to-end business partner from technology setup to communication & campaign planning to execution to analytics delivering growth.

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Gamification led Engagement

All of us as well as our customers, every now and then need a break to refresh ourselves. Quick, simple and easy to play games help us not only refresh ourselves but also leave lasting memories. According to a study, Gamification has helped brands increaseCustomer Attention by 5%, leading to a Revenue increase of3x-6x.This tactic can be deployed to achieve multiple objectives such as customer engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, feedback collection and customer / employee onboarding.

Our Gamification services can help your business deliver differentiated experiences to both your external as well as internal customers, thus creating a long-standing positive brand impact. With our ready to deploy library of multiple browser-based games and an in-house team of Unity developers, we are the preferred choice of our clients for both bespoke and ready to use games.

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Omnichannel Marketing

With the adoption of new channels, brands are shifting their focus towards Omnichannel marketing to deliver a seamless and uniform experience to their customers across channels and touchpoints. While traditional physical retail brands are focusing on customer adoption of their online channels, digital-firstbrands are focusing on adoption of their brick-mortar formats. By enabling customer experience and transactions across both formats, brands are ensuring better engagement and higher customer stickiness.

We can be your end-to-end business partner in analyzing, planning and executing Offline-to-Online and Online-to-Offline customer adoption journeys.

Other Services

We can supportyour business with a host of complementary technology and related services through our best in industry network of channel partners. Our services include:

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